Thursday, April 10, 2008


Had today's post-work activities all planned out...hang around work till 4, go to the chiropractor, then to spin class. Save gas, less driving to and fro. Well, I realized, as I was going to walk out the door at work, that I left my spin clothes at home. *sigh* Then, I got all the way to the chiro and realized I didn't have my card. They charge $5 each time you come in without a card, so I just drove away once I got there. *double sigh*

Went home, got my clothes, and headed down to PB with Dan for spin. Got there the requisite one hour ahead and did a circuit. I tried to push the weight up pretty good this time, and managed to do okay. We'll see if I'm sore tomorrow!

Spin was great...we had a substitute instructor but I'd go to any of her classes again...super good! My legs were pretty spent at the end.

We are trying to decide what to do this weekend. For once, there is no race, no big event, no big ride planned. Whatever are we to do?! ;) At this point, looks like some local riding on both days. I will probably figure it out tomorrow night. Was thinking of going to do the Racers & Chasers race but I looked over the results...the last race, there were no women at all. I think I'll save my money and go least I won't be racing alone (the worst!)

And now, a new feature when there is a day without much to say...random picture of the day.

Richie Rich @ Ladera...soooo green!

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