Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another Day on Two...

...though I have to ask...does the spin bike count?! ;)

I have been doing well this past week or so with trying to get on the bike and/or spin at least one day more than before. So far, I've ridden: last Saturday (40 mile road), Sunday (30 mile trail), Tuesday (spin), Wednesday (30 mile road), and today (spin). I am pleased to say that my legs feel good, though tomorrow will definitely be a rest day, with yoga as a likely relaxing alternative.

Spin was pretty challenging today, and I kept the resistance on the higher end when possible. Man, was I sweating really bad! But, I was proud that I managed to keep the intensity and pace considering I warmed up with a 25 minute jog and a full circuit of weights. Not bad, not bad.

Dan is camping tonight at Breckenridge Campground in the Southern Sierra (outside Isabella). He worked in Bakersfield this week and decided to stay up there for the Cal State DH race #2 (at Woodward West in Tehacapi). I miss him (but as I tell him, not in a co-dependent sort of way!)

I will be busy with riding with Allison this weekend...and trying to stay cool (temps are forecast to be upper 80s)!

Almost forgot...booked my ticket last night for the rafting trip!! Here is the email from John with all the details:

Dear Friends,

It is that time of year once again to start preparing to quench our tenth annual thirst for Moose Drool beer, huckleberry pancakes, and serious carnage on Idaho’s amazing Lochsa River. The water level this year in the Clearwater Valley is currently at a whopping 113% of average. That should mean huge flows come late May.

Lochsa Falls

For those of you who will be making the trip for the first time, here are the details. We will meet in the Iron Horse Saloon ( in Missoula, MT on Thursday, May 22 at 12 noonish. After some “socializin”, we will boat the Alberton Gorge of the Clark Fork outside of Missoula. The Clark Fork will be our warm-up day for the Lochsa. After the Gorge, we will drive to the Lochsa and check in at the Lodge. We will then spend three days rafting the Lochsa River during the day and returning to the Lodge for Moose Drool beer and “bite-sized steak” at night. I have already decided that the weather is going to be stunning.

Iron Horse, Missoula, MT


There will be at least one vehicle driving from Colorado and one from Sacramento. The Colorado ride will leave around 5pm on Wednesday, May 21 from either Vail or Denver (tbd). We will drive straight through except for a brief stretch in our sleeping bags from about 5-7am and breakfast in Deer Lodge, MT around 9am. If you choose to fly, try to be in Missoula mid-day sometime, preferable before noon. Departure can be any time on Monday although you won’t want to leave too early in the am. Mid-day to early afternoon is best. Drivers will likely depart after breakfast on Monday morning, Memorial Day.


We have seventeen beds currently reserved at the Lochsa Lodge ( which is located on a bluff overlooking the Lochsa River. We actually have reserved most of their rooms “with plumbing” thanks to Andrea (the owner) looking out for us. The Lodge is a very special place. There is no internet and you lose cell phone reception 40 miles before you get there. In fact, from the time we drop over Lolo Pass on Thursday night until the return on Monday morning, you will not have any cell phone reception. That may be the best reason to go on this trip.

General Store/Gas Station at the Lochsa Lodge


For those of you who haven’t been on this trip, the Lochsa is one of the Epic single day rivers in the US. A typical day has more than 35 Class III-ClassIV+ rapids with names like Terminator, Grip Reaper, Bloody Mary, Killer Fang Falls, and Buttercup (o.k. I made that last one up). It is a big, deep, fast river with not many hazards outside of the many raft-flipping waves. You don’t need any special experience to boat the Lochsa, just a commitment to keep paddling, a little courage, and a general lack of good common sense.

As always, anyone who wants to bring friends is more than welcome to do so. Just keep in mind, this river is not for the meek. It is not an insane river, but it is really, really big and the chances of swimming are very good.


Required gear includes helmet, wetsuit, PFD (Life-vest), splash top, and river shoes or Tevas (Shoes recommended). We will have several spare helmets and PFD’s around and all other needed gear can be rented from Trailhead in Missoula (

Recommended gear includes splash pants, whistle, knife, flip-line, neoprene gloves, inflatable girl, polarized sunglasses.


As many of you know, the Memorial Day weekend roadside crowd at Lochsa Falls is one of the great scenes in boating. Video from the last couple of years have been posted on



All I need right now is a general sense of who is in, who is out, and who is still working on it. You can always show up by surprise last second at the Iron Horse, but it is very helpful for me to get a sense of numbers. Many of you have already bought airfare and several others have told me you are in but just humor me and confirm again via email.

Call me with any questions. Everyone on this email list is highly encouraged to join us for what promises to be an amazing tenth anniversary trip. Looking forward to seeing you all in Missoula.

(This guy’s back flip attempt in the Falls was impressive if not successful)

How could I resist that??!

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Hi Steph! Thanks for stoppin' by! Looks like you've got a lot going on... rafting sounds awesome. See you soon!