Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Really Short Mission Trails Ride...

Joy and I met up at MTRP for our weekly TNR. We got suited up, and I noticed that it was really chilly and cloudy. I kept my fleece on since I didn't have my shell...d'oh.

We began on our usual route and as we started up the first big climb, Joy said she wanted to warm up. So, I suggested, in my infinite wisdom, that we turn around and go the other way. This proved to be both a good and bad decision.

Looked pretty flat so we headed south and went down a short but ripping fast fire road....and ended up at the bottom of a HAB. Sigh. On the walk up, I noticed some nice big tracks in the dried up mud. Still can't tell but they might be coyote (though I didn't see any nail marks)...maybe bobcat?

Canine or feline?

Back on the bikes and up the rest of the hill, then out toward a road. Joy noticed some small jumps so we took the time to hit them a few times. Sweet! So, it was a good idea that we broke from our usual route and went off to explore a bit. I brought the Yeti and it was taking the jumps pretty well.

Joy aloft

I snapped some photos and then we went on. She spotted a small rock jump, so we decided to hit that. She gave me a few pointers and I went back to hit it a bunch of times. She took a phone call for a while so I kept practicing....then, she said the ever foolish "I'll just hit this one more time." Off she went, pre-loading the jump and then on the landing, I heard a noise like the seat rubbing the tire...definitely not the ordinary noise.

Broken spokes x2

Well, it was her spokes...two snapped right in half because the derailleur shoved into them. Alas, our ride was over. We laughed and laughed some more, and then we hiked back to the cars. Shortest ride I've ever had at MTRP, but certainly, there's always next week!

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