Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Road Ride #2...Solo

Since school let out early today (and I turned in all my grades this morning AND I get there before 6:45 every day), I jetted out by 1 pm. My master plan was to do a road ride before Zoe's patterning sesh began, so that's just what I did.

I decided to check out the bike path along the 56 fwy, but getting there (though it's not very far as the crow flies) ended up being somewhat longer than planned. There are basically three ways to get there from here...#1 is Genesee to the I-5 (YES, you RIDE ON the freeway, even though it's only for a half mile or so and there is a huge is still ON the freeway. I don't like that idea very much). #2 is to go down Torrey Pines Rd. to Carmel Valley Rd. to the 56 (scenic but I wasn't sure of the status of the bike lane on CVR). #3 is to go out Miramar Road to Camino Santa Fe to Sorrento Valley Pkwy (or something like that...the roads are all Sorrento-something out there).

I opted for #3. It is not very direct. In fact, it is about 10 miles just to get to the 56 by taking this route. And, CSF and Miramar (though they have a bike lane for 95% of them) are highly traveled, high speed roads (50 mph in some places). In hindsight, next time I am trying option #1 as an out and back.

In any case, I got to the 56 with no trouble (I was going off what I remember from Saturday's ride and what I had mapped out on site by the way). Found the entrance to the bike path from El Camino Real. It is nicely paved and was pretty deserted for the first couple miles. I passed through a neighborhood and then continuing on, I hit a dead end. Oops. There was a nice lady walking her dog who confirmed that I had just missed the turn off...the path turns up so that it parallels right next to the 56 at this point.

From here, it was a lot of gradual ups and downs. Funny, you don't notice it when you are driving in a car but darn, it wasn't flat! At that point, I had to make a decision...go back from whence I came or continue on. Feeling that my distance would already be long enough for today, I opted to go down Black Mt. for the most "direct" route back. It is the straightest, probably shortest route but involves lots of traffic (though mostly bike lanes) and took me eventually back on a long stretch of Miramar Road...which is neither scenic nor quiet nor tranquil.

All in all, it ended up being about 29.5 miles (according to how I carefully mapped it on which was pretty good considering I was gone for 2 hours and road for actually about 1.45 (I am estimating since my cycle computer is dead and needs a battery).

I think that I will opt for the Torrey Pines climb out the next time around, but now I know!

Got to patterning on time and hung out with Jeff, Erin, and Zoe for a few extra minutes. I even rode my bike over and back...trying to squeeze in every extra mile that I can. That put the day's ride closer to 32 miles. Tomorrow...well I'm not sure. The track meet got moved to today...probably a circuit/weights/yoga day.

On the horizon, Allison and I will be joining Rut n' friends for some SJT/Chiquita goodness while the boys (Justin and Dan) are going up to Woodward. Sunday? Well, we're trying to figure that out :)

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