Monday, April 28, 2008

Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays...

Name that movie!!! (Office Space...too easy!)

Nah, today was was busy (first day back to normal after testing). I got to the gym to do spin class and then conveniently lost track of time (actually got today's class--5 pm--and Thursday's class--6:30 pm--somehow meshed in my brain). I was on the treadmill in la-la-land when I looked up and saw the spin class already going...15 minutes in!! Yikes! I went in and grabbed my shoes and got in there asap! I ended up pushing pretty hard for the rest and felt like I salvaged it but...

On another note, Dan is still out of town. I miss him. He'll be back Thursday :)

On another note (an even suckier one), yesterday on our short, easy UC Cyclery shop ride, I had a "catastrophic" flat...a stick the diameter of a pencil decided to shove itself in my rear wheel on the tread. I watched, with dismay, as the Stan's that Steve had just put in a mere two hours before, started to spew out like blood from a severed artery. It wasn't pretty. I waited around while everyone went back to the shop and then Billy came back to get me. Of course, Murphy's Law prevailed...I hadn't even brought a CamelBak with me. *sigh*

It's all good though...Brian's sending me a replacement Jones so I can be in business for Saturday...Idyllwild Spring Challenge!

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