Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Update

Last weekend @ Mission Trails, riding with Tim & Sarah from AZ

What an interesting weekend....kicked Friday off with the disheartening news that our good friend Justin had a pretty bad road bike accident. He survived, though with some broken bits, and will be back on the bike after he heals. San Diego sends its love, J!
Dan & Justin, the Mann

Also headed up to Rehab United in Carmel Valley to meet some new folks and hear about Team EXCEL. Awesome to finally meet Beth, catch up with James, hear Lesley Paterson give a few words (my new Xterra inspiration) and meet some other awesome folks.

Saturday, Dan and I thought it wise to practice transitions since we hadn't done them, well, ever. Spent the afternoon down at Glorietta Bay with our mountain bikes, timing and video-taping and self-evaluating. It's somewhat easy to remember the first two or three things you want to do but beyond a little fuzzy. I know it'll come in time. We had a nice swim out to the buoy and back (3x) and got to watch Catherine, Victor, Lulu, and Marilee from the Pulse crew hit the one mile swim.
Gear, gear, and more gear

Sunday we had planned on a Tour de Noble with Darryl and some of the STR crew. Since it was Easter, we knew the trail would be fairly empty and the ride group small. We started off with a 30 min trail run (which was great except today I can feel the 15 min rocky descent).
Dan & Darryl descend Extra Credit

It was quite cold at the start but warmed up nicely. Met the ride crew back at the car and got geared up for a long day in the saddle. Liz, Jeneine, Kay, Greg and Scott all came out to sample SD's finest. I will say...Noble kicked my ass today. Every climb felt awkward and the descents were, well...okay. I survived Barney Rubble on the Era and actually had not too many dabs (other than my normal tough spots)...oh, except my walk down Stairway to Hell. Another day...

On regen this week...hope to rest up and recharge.

On the new-product front...scored some half-price Zoot compression socks from Pulse's sale bin :) I've worn them a few times, and I have no complaints so far. We'll see long term what happens. Also, changed over my laces to Yankz...LOVE them!!
Key for easy in/out in transitions. Finally, we picked up Zoot race belts @ REI today....just in time to come home and get our USAT licenses in the mail. Only a few more days until Renegade!

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Slater Fletcher said...

Looks like you did do your homework for Snow Valley! I want to hear the report ;-)