Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grab Bag

Put your hand in, stir the contents around, and pull one out...

Kind of a random mix this past week.

Palomar Double last Saturday with Allison, Justin, Luke & Dan. Felt like a$$, but did okay considering I was a week out of the 12 hr. Nice 55 miler from home to Coronado and back on Sunday with Dan & Darryl. Legs felt less lead-like...sweet. I left my camera at home both days. Imagine.

Week 3 of summer vacation but I worked the first two weeks (CyberBridge training), so this is the first real week of vacation. I am B-O-R-E-D. Funny how I wish and wish and wish for vacation and then...got to learn to relax a bit.

Been working on the courtyard a bit...pulling out the old plants, amending the soil, re-planting with drought-tolerants: aloe, aeonium, kangaroo paw, etc.

Courtyard bed before

and After...

Found a black widow yesterday...she's a juvenile who hasn't lost her stripes yet. Cool (ok, but a little icky). FWIW, ground cover sucks when you have to pull it up.

Downieville depart in one week...I am beyond stoked for many reasons...first road trip in a while, camping with our awesome friends, epic trails, racing...!!

Road ride today and tomorrow and then...getting ready for the big day!

Stay tuned.........

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