Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 Questions

We were perusing Whistler MTB's website and came across interviews for their "park sponsored" athletes: Shandro, Gulevich, Moreland, Buchar. They asked them 10 questions about mountain biking for that "get to know a little bit about you" schtick.

I though it would be fun(ny) to have some of the people going on our trip to answer the questions, too.

Here's what I wrote:

Favorite mountain bike product from the early ninties or 80's? Since I didn't have a mtb then, I'm not sure, but Dan always tells me about something called 'elastomer' shocks...

Favorite Current Trend in Mountain biking. Destination vacations...I want to get me some Switzerland, baby!

Least favorite Trend in mountain biking ever. The kits of the 90s...fluorescent lycra. Ew!

You're flying down a trail when you come to section with three options to clear a stream that is about fifteen feet wide. You can either:
1) Go straight at it, launch off a root at the edge of the stream which will get you to a small island in the middle of the stream where you could hit a small lip and clear the second half of the stream
2) Carve left and hit a hip to the tranny on the far side
3) Go right and ride a 12' wide ladder bridge that has a lip half way that sends you over a 3 foot gap to downhill ladder bridge tranny. (bridge4ft above water)

All fast and flowy…but what do you choose and why?

Since I'd probably kill myself if I tried to pull off any of these, can I walk around it?? :)

How long have you been riding? XC...4 years. DH...3 years.

Favorite Nick Name you've been given? Stephie-bear.

Dream Car? A Suby that gets over 30 mpg.

Favorite Trail in Lower Whistler Bike Park? It was probably Angry Pirate. But I thought A Line was pretty classic.

Ideal place for a dream vacation with your significant other given unlimited budget? Taking a huge, long road trip around the Pac NW to ride...then off to Europe to ride some more, with a few private clinics by Peaty, the Athertons, Sabrina, etc. thrown into the mix. Eventually finding a quiet country hamlet close to killer trails, opening a coffee shop, and riding all the time.

G-Unit or Wu-Tang Clan?
Can't stand when the kids call me Ms. G...unit. So, I have to go with the Wu.

Megadeth or Linkin Park?
Linkin Park.

Modest Mouse or Johnny Cash?
Oh, is there any question here. The man in black.

Favorite off season training activity?

More traction or less rolling resistance?
Traction, for sure. I am forever sliding out in corners.

Honest opinion of Road Riding?
Awesome cross-training, but it doesn't speak to me like mtb does. Where's the soul?

Words of advice to the Groms?
Stop taking all my little Stephanie-sized jumps and making them huge!

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Shay said...

I love your answers!!! I probably concurred with nearly all of them!