Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the horizon

Ugh, so busy from work. We just had a 2 week mid-semester break. Visited family for a week, worked for a week. Not too bad of a gig, I guess.

In any case, updating my ride/race schedule:

Oct 17/18 SoCal High School League girls' camp...I'll be helping out along with Tonya Bray and Pua Sawicki. It'll be nice to get up to Warner Springs for the weekend and chill.

Oct 24...San Jacinto Endurance Ride. Oh boy. 70 miles, 11,000' of ascent. Should be a fun day. :/

Nov 14...12 Hours of SoCal @ Vail Lake, my second solo race.

After several weeks of not training and sticking to a looser plan which also involved running (and I'll say it, I got fast-er), this little burst has found me feeling good at some times, fumbling at others.

All I know is that if I could go out for a mid-morning ride everyday, that would be completely ideal...it's when I feel my best.

So, signing off for now so I can get some much needed shut-eye. Goal is to hit the hay by 10 pm each night.

Till next time...

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