Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Look, New Stuff

So many things to talk about, so little time....

Back at school (work)...year #9. Wow! Time does fly.

Kind of in a mini off-season from training. Not liking it in some ways, liking it in others.

Been working on the house. Again. Front & side yards are done. Backyard had huge overhaul. Not done yet.

Trying to find out why there is a mini-moat in our backyard. Grrr...

Broke out with some weird eczema/dermatitis. Itchy, painful blistery bumps on my hands. Steroid shot, now a homeopathic treatment seems to be knocking it down.

Got our proofs back from the wedding and engagement photo shoots...more to post up soon.

Right now I'm super into all this granola stuff (for lack of a better term)...trying to minimize our impact on the planet.

Got to go for a ride...look for some more updates soon :)

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Pedal Circles said...

All right, where's the ride report? :)