Monday, April 20, 2009

house = home

Here are some interesting before and after shots of the house. We are in month 2, officially, of home-ownership. We've been living here now for just over a month and spent 4 weeks doing work/minor renovations. It's a work in progress, and will never really end, but we've made a damn good start!

Kitchen before...old appliances, no paint, awful linoleum floor

Kitchen after...stainless steel appliances, new paint, tile floor (done by us)

And, the best part, our chalkboard wall

Living room/fireplace before...yellow/orange paint and 4" tile in entry

Living room/fireplace, dark accent wall, new tile in entry, ceiling fan

Dining room before...hideous, unfinished green and orange paint. They painted around some furniture

Dining room paint and light fixture (only wires before), artwork ready to hang

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