Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sweet Lochsa Video

...from YouTube...

Excellent footage! We were there when the clips at the end were taken. At minute 4:45 you can see Dan with the shamrock on his back at the left of the screen. I have photos of the yellow Creature Craft posted below (plus the guy that nearly did the backflip on the blue cataraft).

Hmmm...what else is new?

School is only about 1.5 weeks from it's end! Woohoo! Who said the kids are the only excited ones?!

Got a job with the Upward Bound program at SDSU for this summer. 6 weeks, 4 hours a day. Not too bad...still gives me time to go riding, do yoga, relax, etc.

Haven't ridden in 2 weeks BUT I have hashed twice (SDH3 Red Dress Run and Humpin' Hash last Sunday. If you don't know...hashing started in Pacific Asia. It is a running club that has all sorts of quirky rules and drinking songs...usually a great stress reliever. Hoping (?) to get named soon!!

Anywho, feeling under the weather today. Going to go relax on the couch!

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