Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fast XC Ride @ LPQ

So, last night, Dan and I did the PBW shop ride. I showed up late (summer job interview at SDSU went late...argh!) and was surprised to see about 1o other riders. The Tuesday night ride started off with Joy and I riding different places (such as MTRP or LPQ) but has recently morphed into a ride from the shop. Last week, there were 4 of us...this week, 11.

Dan kindly got all my clothes and brought them over...I changed SO fast! I felt that, since everyone was waiting for me, I should pull the group along on the I went out in front and tried to keep the pace high. Interestingly enough, tonight's group was FAST! Eddie and Saul were very energetic and giving everyone a run for their money...Rick is always fast...Joy was killing it on the VPFree, and Jason M. (our guest rider) was smoking it!

Almost ran over the ass end of a rattlesnake that I didn't see until the last minute. Joy and I were shrieking and talking excitedly about what had just happened when we noticed two black and white tails facing the trail in the grass...SKUNKS!! Blech!! I thought, "Mother Nature is revolting!"

The ride pace was high the whole time...I kept it in a good gear and tried to pin it. Funny thing was that going along on the trail, some of the guys were quicker but once we hit Powerline, I passed almost everyone! Felt good to push myself really hard to the top. I want to start timing myself going up there!

Anyhow, did a circuit with 3 miles of running and 10 minutes on the bike it's off to bed. We'll probably ride tomorrow after work and then will try to figure out what to do for Bike to Work Day...this Friday, 05/16!

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